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梦想的写字楼-有你喜欢的宅屋吗 – 奥特蛙革新设计
Live to myself


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没错,时至今日,我也沦为宅男了。我想和大多数坐在电脑面前的人一样,喜欢简单的屋子。简单的装饰,有些小清新,最好所有的家居都是手工的,原生态环保的材料;喜欢透明,那样会有阳光拥抱我们。坐享在里面创作或者工作都很不错哦。努力工作,我想我们大家都可以有Loft 24/7 (BRAZIL)

A Cabin in a Loft (USA)

Loft Apartment by 2B Group (UKRAINE)

Zaoblený Loft by A1 Architects (CZECH REPUBLIC)

North Lake Wenatchee House by DeForest Architects (USA)

River Side House in Horinouchi (JAPAN)

Residence in Monaco by Federico Delrosso (MONACO)

Contemporary Loft Living in New York (USA)

The Laurel Residence by StudioMET (USA)

The NYLO Hotel in Plano (USA)

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